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China Sport Bottle CCY-6-1500 manufacturers and suppliers | CHUNCHEN

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Drinking water for many people
Huge capacity to know what you need
550ml mineral water
One cover dual purpose drinking without worry
Food grade PP cover can be used as a small tea cup, convenient, safe and healthy
Button type drinking port is more convenient to drink
Push button switch is convenient and labor-saving. You can press it to get out of the water and turn it off, providing you with a simple travel experience
Silicone handle is convenient and durable
Soft and comfortable hand feel, convenient to hold without clamping hands, push and pull to push away, convenient and durable
304 high quality stainless steel seamless liner
Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, lead free, rust free, oil free, easy to clean, high density, easy to maintain
Sealing silicon rubber ring, safe to use
It is closed tightly, not easy to pour, not leaking, easy to clean, wear-resistant, stable, cold resistant and heat-resistant.
Strong vacuum insulation
Insulate heat to transmit to outside, lower air density in the bile, longer lasting heat preservation and aging
Tailless vacuum process, keep water temperature away
The advanced vacuum insulation technology without tail pumping is adopted. Under the vacuum condition, the cup body is controlled by computer to complete sobbing, welding and cooling, greatly improving the insulation time and prolonging the service life of the insulation Cup.
6 hours insulation above 65 ° C
Keep cold for 6 hours above 11 ° C
Product parameters black gold silver
Colorful world, choose what you love
Choose a color to light up your life
Different colors, the same materials and crafts, there is always one for you

Name:dream travel cup
Material: high quality 304 stainless steel
Insulation effect: room temperature 25 ° C+2 ° C、Fill the boiled water at 98 ° C for 6 hours and above 75 ° C

“Big” has different dreams
Even in the harsh winter, it can’t stop the travelers, but it’s indispensable to have such a travel pot for dreamers. Are you ready to take it with you?
Austenitic 304     double layer structure  erusting and anti-corrosion    without BPA

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